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Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Bed Review
Best Air Mattress for Camping

One Airbed – Multiple Uses

The title to this review may seem a little confusing because after all, an airbed is for sleeping on so what other uses could it have! What I’m talking about is the number of places you can use the air mattress you’re about to find out about. It can be taken away on camping trips, used in the home for guests when you don’t have enough bedrooms or you can take it with you when you visit family and friends.

The Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Bed

In fact, wherever you need a bed and a queen size will fit, this one will work for you. I’m talking about the Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Bed, and I happen to think it’s a very good buy for the money. Not just because it’s so portable, but for a few other reasons as well.

Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Air Bed

Aero Sport All-Terrain Queen Air Bed
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So, here goes:

Comfort and Support

I have already mentioned this is a queen sized air mattress so you know it will quite happily accommodate 2 people. Aero Sport has also included an internal coil system which helps to give your body support while you sleep, and they’ve kindly included an in-built pillow so you won’t have to worry about taking those with you on a trip. As we all know pillows can take up a lot of space!

The material is thicker than most other air beds in this price range, and the seams are wide so that also adds to comfort. Incidentally, it’s named the “all terrain” because Aero Sport says you can put it on uneven or rocky ground and you’ll be just as comfortable. I have heard mixed comments on this, so it’s up to you if you want to try it.

Inflating and Deflating

Next to comfort, one of the most popular questions I get from customers is “how quickly does it inflate”. No-one wants to spend ages jumping up and down on a foot pump to inflate an air bed. They would rather save their energy for a trek in the wilderness. For this reason, the manufacturer has provided a hands free dual power pump. In most cases, you can have this mattress fully inflated within one minute! Plus, it holds the air within very well.

One thing I feel I must point out here, and some people may see this as a negative but my website is about honesty as well as giving straight forward information. The pump that comes with this airbed is battery powered, and it WILL need to be re-charged for at least 12 hours before you can use it. If you don’t you could end up with a defective pump. However, it’s not all doom and gloom because you can use the cigarette lighter in your vehicle if you have forgotten to charge the pump.

When it’s time to deflate your air mattress, again this can be done in about one minute and that’s because you have a separate valve to let the air out. You also get a really handy bag so the bed can be rolled up, and popped away so it’s ready for your next stop.


If you’re looking for an air bed that will cover all types of occasions when you need somewhere temporary to sleep (and at a reasonable price) this one is definitely worth a look. Of course, you don’t always have to pay the list price for any product you’re looking for these days and I’ve found some really good discounts at Amazon in the past, so feel free to take a look there.

Note: Don’t ask me why, but this mattress is frequently unavailable and may even be discontinued. As an alternative, I would currently recommend the ALPS Mountaineering Rechargeable Air Bed for your camping trips. I hope to find the time for a full review soon.

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