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AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Review
Best Raised Queen Air Mattress

The Answer to Your Guest Bed Problems

I was recently having a conversation with my brother, and he was a little stressed. He has bought his first home and has spent a LOT of money decorating it the way he (well, his wife) wants it to be. There was one slight problem. They were running out of money and buying yet more items of furniture was becoming a strain on their finances.

Don’t get me wrong, my brother is a sensible man and has been careful not to get into debt. However, as is the way with lots of people who are decorating their home, the guest room tends to be last on the list. My brother and his wife are eager to start inviting people over to stay and they were missing one thing – a bed!

AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18 inch Air Mattress with Headboard

AeroBed Comfort Anywhere
Air Mattress with Headboard

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The AeroBed Comfort Anywhere Air Mattress

They had been looking for a queen size that would easily accommodate a couple and fit into the room perfectly. However, when you’re buying a bed (base and all), it can soon add up.

This is where I came in. I told my brother about the AeroBed Comfort Anywhere 18″ Air Mattress with Headboard. He didn’t believe me at first because he had never heard of an airbed that comes complete with a headboard. So, I took him to my store and showed him this model.

This is what I told him:


Because of the design, when fully inflated, this air bed looks and feels like a real bed with a base and mattress. It’s high enough so you can sit on it with your feet on the floor, and climbing in and out of it isn’t an issue for any age. The headboard is perfect for support, and you can say goodbye to those annoying moments during the night when you have to go on the hunt for your pillow because it’s slipped off the bed! You can also use standard sized fitted sheets so there’s no need to buy new sets.


This air bed is constructed of puncture resistant heavy duty thermoplastic. The gauge of the plastic is 24 at the top and bottom, and 20 in the middle which adds to comfort and stability. The manufacturer has also added “stability” rings around the edge to give the whole thing a real bed feel.


You might find it hard to believe but manufacturers do listen to what customers have to say, and AeroBed has done just that with this model. Inflating doesn’t have to be done manually because an AC pump is in-built into it. You simply plug it in, set the desired amount of firmness you would like, and it will do the rest.


This is just as easy! Open up the valve, and your air mattress will deflate just as quickly as it inflated (in most cases, I’ve managed to do both in about 4 minutes). Once all the air has been dispelled, you simply roll it up, and pop it in the duffel type bag that comes included in the price.

Did it Work for My Brother?

It most certainly did. Of course, he did have to convince his wife it was a good idea, but once she had seen this air mattress inflated and dressed, she was sold. It’s not the cheapest blow-up bed on the market, but it is far cheaper than buying a brand new bed.

If you’re looking for a solution to your guest bed problems, have a look at what customers say on Amazon. You never know, you might find some great deals on price as well!

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