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AeroBed Sleep Tight Review
Best Air Mattress for Kids

Travelling with Toddlers? No More Sleepless Nights

I happen to think I’m a bit of an authority when it comes to toddlers and sleepless nights. After all, I’ve been through it. Lots of people that come into my store are, of course, looking to go on a camping trip, and one of the most important things they look for is comfort when they sleep. We have a huge range of air beds, and I usually manage to find something to suit everyone.

One particular couple recently paid me a visit for just that, and they were quite happy for me to show them around. However, when they started to discuss who was going to babysit their 3 year old while they were on vacation I just had to ask “why aren’t you taking the baby with you”? I was met with horrified stares, and instantly felt bad for asking.

AeroBed sleep tight inflatable Mattress for Kids

AeroBed Sleep Tight Air Mattress for Kids
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The AeroBed Sleep Tight

Once the shock at the question had passed, mom said “we have enough trouble getting her to sleep in her cot, let alone on a camp bed!”

She also went on to explain they would love to go on a trip as a family but just didn’t think it was possible.

This is when I thought of the AeroBed sleep tight inflatable mattress for kids. Immediately, I decided to show it to them.
It grabbed their interest instantly, and here’s why:

An Air Bed Just for Kids

The manufacturer has made this air mattress specifically for children, and it measures 50 inches long and 25 inches wide. What’s best about this bed is the safety cushion that surrounds it. Unlike many other airbeds, this one will cushion your toddler so they don’t roll out of bed onto the floor (no doubt resulting in a good deal of crying in the middle of the night).

The surrounding cushion measures 4 inches in height, so even the most agile of sleepers will stay on the bed, and it helps your child to feel safe. It also comes with a nice thick washable fitted sheet that’s cushioned and covered in stars and moons which makes for a very inviting place to climb into.


This is, of course really important where kids are concerned. They always seem stronger than they should be for some reason?
AeroBed has thought about this, and they have constructed this air mattress out of heavy duty PVC. Plus, the seams are electronically welded so will handle a good deal of jumping about and down! Because it’s made of PVC, you won’t have any trouble wiping it clean if there are any accidents overnight.

Inflating and Deflating

No-one wants to spend lots of time inflating an air bed, whether it’s for the kids or you. This model comes with an AC pump that will inflate the mattress in just 1 minute! Deflating couldn’t be easier either and is just as quick as inflating. When you’re ready to store it away, simply fold it up and pop it in the bag.


If you really want to start travelling with your young family without having to worry about comfortable and safe sleeping arrangements, this airbed is something you should certainly consider, and the price won’t knock your socks off either! I’ve found some of the best offers on price at Amazon so why not take a look there.

Before you know it, you’ll be off on your first camping trip with your kids, and there won’t be any day-time sulks because the youngsters have been up most of the night!

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