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Low Profile or Raised?

My website isn’t just about telling you what types of airbeds there are on the market. It’s not even just about what I happen to think are the best. It encompasses everything air beds, and that’s why I have added various information pages. I’ve done this in the hope that you will be able to find out what you want to know before you start looking at my reviews.

After all, what’s the point in spending time looking at a review only to find that when you get to the end, the air mattress you were reading about won’t suit the needs you have? So, for this section I’m going to give you some information on low profile and raised air beds. Once you’re armed with the benefits (or negatives) for both, this will cut down the amount of time you spend looking for the right air mattress.

Low Profile Air Beds

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These are generally at the cheaper end of the market, and the clue is in the name as to why.

Low profile air beds are best suited to those of you that fall into one (or some) of the brackets below.

  • You’re in your prime and don’t need a great deal of support when you sleep on something other than your own bed.
  • You’re not looking to spend a great deal of money.
  • You won’t be using your airbed more than a few times a year.
  • If you’re buying a bed like this for your children, a low profile model is probably the best type to consider. The reason for this is they are closer to the ground and this will avoid injury should they roll out of bed.
  • Low profile air beds are also perfect for those of you who intend to go on a road trip and have little space to spare when storing your bed. Most models like this can easily be rolled up and tied, or placed in a small bag so transporting them is a breeze.

Raised Air Beds

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This type of air mattress will be on the more expensive side, and they tend to be more suited to those of you who will be using your bed aside from when you go on a camping trip. Raised airbeds are great if you’re looking for a guest bed, or if you’re staying with someone who has little to offer in the way of bedroom space. Just for a quick reference, you can take a look at the points below that should help you decide if a raised air mattress is the type you should be looking for.

  • You prefer to have a more “real bed” feel.
  • You need more in the way of bodily support overnight.
  • Because these beds are raised, they’re perfect for those of you that find it hard to get up from a bed rather than lower yourself down from one.
  • Although the latest technology is used in both low profile and raised air mattresses, it’s likely you will find more in the way of “bells and whistles” with this type.
  • If looks are something that’s important to you, there are many models that (once dressed) won’t look that different to a standard box spring and mattress.


Just to wrap this section up, you may be wondering what heights you can expect with both types. So here it goes…
Low Profile – This type will generally be at a height of 4 to 9 inches when fully inflated.
Raised – Raised airbeds can be anything from 15 to 24 inches when fully inflated (not that different to a standard bed).

As you can see, there is quite a difference so considering the overall height of your bed is pretty important. Your next step (if you haven’t already), is to take a look at the size of bed that will suit you best and information on this can be found on my twin, queen or king page.

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