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Serta EZ-Bed Review
Best Air Mattress Overall

Want Something to Outperform a Normal Bed? Read On!

My mom recently went into hospital for an operation on her hip. It wasn’t serious surgery, but it did mean that she wouldn’t be able to get up and down the stairs for a while, and since the bedroom is on the top floor of her house I had to find something so she wasn’t reduced to sleeping on the sofa (not exactly the best idea when you’ve just come out of hospital).

There is something you should know about my mom, and that is she’s very head strong. Before she went in for her operation, I told her I would make alternative sleeping arrangements ready for when she came home. Of course, the response to this went something along the lines of not treating her like an invalid, and she would be quite capable of getting into her own bed upstairs.

Wenzel Serta EZ-Bed Queen

Wenzel Serta EZ-Bed Queen
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The Wenzel Serta EZ Bed Queen

I wasn’t taking any chances, even though it would mean a good telling off. I’m sure some of you reading this can relate to my situation which is why I’ve decided to add a review for the Serta EZ Bed. Now, it’s not the cheapest air bed on the market, but I happen to think it’s one of the best, and not just because it put me in mom’s good books.

So, here is what you get with this air mattress:

Superior Inflating Technology

I hardly know where to start with telling you about this. This air bed opens up just like magic, and you barely have to lift a finger to get it to inflate. It comes with its own frame (check out the comfort section of this review for more on that), and all you need to do is remove the bed from its box and unzip it. One tip here, make sure you unzip the whole thing or there could be trouble.

Once it’s unzipped you simply plug the in-built pump into the wall and let the airbed inflate. As the air starts to move into the bed, the frame unfolds as well resulting in a ready to use EZ bed that will keep you comfortable all night long.

The Patented NeverFlat AC Pump

This is something else I can’t wait to tell you about. The pump with this model works in two ways. First (as I have explained) it will automatically inflate the mattress for you. Once done, the secondary pump has an in-built sensor that monitors the level of air. If it drops, the pump engages and refills the bed. It will do this quietly enough to not disturb sleep, and automatically stops when the desired level has been reached.

It doesn’t stop there.
You have 3 options in terms of firmness which are plush, medium and firm so you can choose which suits you best.


I’m going back to the frame for a moment. This bed stands at about knee high for the average sized person so it’s pretty easy to climb in and out of, unlike other models where the air mattress sits on the floor.

There is one slight negative I should add here. The top has fairly deep divots which might annoy you during the night, but that’s easily remedied by adding a mattress topper.

When it’s Time to Put the Bed Away

Deflating this EZ bed is just as easy as inflating it. You just plug in the pump and let it work its magic. In fact, you can even leave the room while it does this for you. Once it’s all folded up you simply roll it into the attached carry case, and zip it up. The carry case also has wheels to make it easy to put into storage.

All In All

I can’t rate this bed highly enough. It has done wonders for my mom, to the point where I think she’s actually looking for excuses to continue sleeping on it! If you want a bit more information, or want to see what deals there are on price at the moment, just take a look at Amazon by following the link.

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