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SimplySleeper SS-49T Twin Air Bed Review
Best Raised Twin Air Mattress

A Comfortable Alternative to a Normal Bed

As you browse through my website you will get a little glimpse into my personal life. One of the reasons I decided to let you in on a few things is because I believe any review website should be written by normal people for normal people (there’s a famous quote in there somewhere I’m sure). This review is going to start off no differently, although if you’re a parent, you may find this little story will tug at your heart strings a bit.

Moving Out

The best friend I have in the world has been happily married for longer than I care to remember, and between them they have one very beautiful daughter who, as it turns out, is a really bright kid. Well, she recently reached college age and decided she wanted to stay in dorms. This came as a shock to both parents, the thought of not having their daughter around 24/7 wasn’t something they had ever thought about.

There were a few tears and lots of consoling, but their child eventually managed to get her parents to go and take a look at what was about to be her new home, well during term anyway. When they saw the bare room that had nothing but a bed that looked like it had been around since the 50’s there was more anguish. However, to cut a long story short, they decided to help the “apple of their eye” decorate her room, and first on their list was a bed.

SimplySleeper SS-49T Raised Air Bed

SimplySleeper SS-49T Raised Air Bed
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The SimplySleeper SS-49T Twin Air Bed

This is where I came in. I received a phone call explaining what was going on, and could I help because a normal bed was just outside of their current budget (if you don’t already know, I sell various camping products, among them beds).

I had the perfect solution! The SimplySleeper SS-49T Raised 18″ Twin Airbed. Here’s why I thought of it:

Durable and Comfortable

The manufacturer prides itself on the durability of this raised air mattress. It’s made from a patented material called DurmothaneTM Polyester which is the strongest on the market, and its one of the only models that uses material that’s breathable.

If you’re reading this and have ever slept on a mattress like this, you will know how sticky it can get during the night. Not so with this one! The 100% microfibre on the surface gives a luxurious feel, and as you sleep it monitors the temperature levels in your body. Any moisture that’s created is instantly “wicked” away. This makes it perfect for anywhere that doesn’t have the benefit of air conditioning or for hot climates in general.

They have even gone one step further in terms of puncture resistance. Unlike many other models out there, this air mattress has been constructed not just using heavy duty gauge PVC, but its laminated with PVC as well. This means less risk of punctures and less stretching, and it also helps the bed to retain the air within.

Altogether, the 3 unique layers of material that have been used result in one of the most durable and comfortable air beds on the market today. Because its raised, you can sit on it just like you would a normal one, and the unique grips at the bottom stop it from sliding around or tipping up.

Other Considerations

Of course, I couldn’t leave this review at how durable and comfortable this air bed is. You also need to know about how the inflating and deflating system works.

Again, SimplySleeper has used patented technology with the in-built pump which is fully automatic. Inflating couldn’t be easier if you tried. Simply unroll the bed, set the pump to inflate and it does the rest for you, and quickly! In fact, you can be ready to dress your bed in about 4 minutes.
Deflating works in exactly the same way. Turn the pump to deflate and off it goes. Once completely empty of air, it can be rolled up and stored away in the bag.

If a twin size isn’t what you’re looking for, no problem. SimplySleeper has also released this air mattress in a queen size. After all, it’s so popular in the twin size they had little choice!

Bottom Line

The SimplySleeper SS-49T is not the cheapest air bed on the market but my best friend was sold the minute I told him all about it. His daughter is now in dorms, and I’m told that all her friends are nagging their parents for one of these!

As you no doubt know, there are always deals to be found if you shop online, and one of my favorite merchants is Amazon. Why not take a look today and see what they offer this air bed for.

If you’re more interested in the queen size model, then here is where you can find it.
If you have the space, I’d recommend you to go for the queen size, it’s just a few dollars more.

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