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Wenzel 'Sure Grip' Insta-Bed Review
Best Value Raised Air Bed

No More Sliding Around!

In my line of work, I come across many different personalities. You would be amazed at how all sorts of people from young to old enjoy taking a camping trip.
The one thing I do sell a lot of is air mattresses. Somehow, sleeping bags are not as popular as they once were and it only tends to be the younger generation that’s interested in them. No, the more mature adult definitely prefers an air bed.

Fidget-Proof and Raised

This brings me to a rather amusing couple who seemed quite happy just browsing through the store, so I decided to leave them to it. That is, until I overheard the conversation which went something like this. The husband was complaining he didn’t like sleeping so close to the floor when they were camping, and the lady in the relationship quickly quipped back that she was fed up with finding the bed in a different place of the tent because he was such a fidget!

Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised Sure Grip Bottom

Wenzel ‘Sure Grip’ Insta-Bed with Built-in Pump
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The Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen with Sure Grip Bottom

At this point they seemed to be having trouble finding an air mattress, one that would solve both of these problems. Time for me to step in! I directed them towards the Wenzel Insta-Bed Queen Raised with Sure Grip Bottom.

At first glance they didn’t seem too impressed. After all, it’s a fairly bland color but when I pointed out the price, their eyes lit up and I was asked to tell them more.

Here’s what I told them:


Wenzel has really thought about this. As the name suggests, this is a queen sized air mattress and it will inflate to the same height as a standard mattress you have in the home (first problem solved). It also has flocking on the top which adds to comfort and stops bedding from sliding around which even I find really annoying.

Wenzel has also added a pretty unique feature which is what brought this air bed to mind when I first overheard the couple’s conversation. It’s equipped with grips on the bottom that don’t interfere with overall comfort but does stop the bed from sliding around while you sleep (second problem solved)!

Ease of Use

The manufacturer has included a 120v AC pump which will inflate this bed in a matter of minutes (even though it is large). Deflating it might take a bit longer, but you do get a very handy carry-bag included so it can be neatly packed away.

Other Considerations

Unlike a lot of other companies that make air beds, Wenzel actually offers a 1 year warranty on this model which gives peace of mind that it will last. I have sold a few of these in the past and the general consensus of opinion is that it holds the air very well, and it’s very comfortable to sleep on.

There have been comments that it can sink in the middle, but there is a knack with inflating this air mattress so make sure you follow in the instructions, and this shouldn’t be an issue. All in all, this air mattress is very well priced and will last. I sure hope the couple I’ve just sold one to think so too.

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