Air Bed and Air Mattress Reviews

Hi there, my name is Brad and I would like to thank you for stopping by my air bed website.
Just so you know a little bit about me, I sell camping equipment for a living. One reason for this is that I love camping, and advising people on what “bits and pieces” will suit them best is something I love to do. In fact, I couldn’t think of a better job in the world.

Some months ago, I realized that a lot of my customers put airbeds at the top of their list when they’re going to be staying in the great outdoors, so I decided it would be a good idea to let you in one some of the best air mattresses out there. Of course, you don’t have to be going on a camping trip to use one. They are the perfect alternative to a normal bed in the home, you can make your guests feel more comfortable and some models I’ve chosen are great for the avid traveler.

Air Bed Comparison

What I have tried to achieve in the following pages is a website that doesn’t confuse you with technical information you may not understand (I leave that to the manufacturers). Instead, you will get easy to follow information that’s honest! You won’t be told “buy it now”, and if there is something negative I think you should know it WILL be in the review.

So, on to some handy information that will help you get started.

How to Decide on the Best Air Bed for You

Now, I’m not expecting everyone to read everything on this page (unless of course you’re settled down with a cup of coffee, and have some spare time). So, for that reason I’ve added a quick comparison table which will tell you what brands of air mattress I’ve included on my website with some straight to the point information.

If you have got time for that cup of coffee and a read, let’s move on.

  • Built In vs External Pump
    Choosing the right pump isn’t always a simple as it might seem. Lots of people opt for built in pumps because they’re far easier to use, but these models can be more expensive. If you’re on a budget, take a look at some of the reviews I’ve put together with external pumps.
  • Twin, Queen or King
    The size of airbed you choose is really down to your own preference, and I’m not about to tell you what you should consider. What I will say is that you should think about the amount of space you like when you’re sleeping.
  • Low-Profile or Raised
    Again, this is personal choice. However if you intend to buy an air mattress for your children think about getting a low profile model because this will stop any nasty bumps in the night. Raised air beds are perfect for those of you that like the “real bed” feel.

Reviews and Top Picks

Best air mattress overall

Best Air Mattress Overall
The words above are a bit strong you may think. Well, I’m willing to tell you this air mattress is the best model I’ve come across to date. It uses advanced comfort technology I haven’t seen anywhere else, is incredibly durable and couldn’t be easier to use. In my opinion, this is THE perfect piece of “sleeping” furniture for a guest room or to take with you on vacation. Even the most difficult customer will be hard pressed to complain!


Best twin size air mattress

For those of you that are looking for sheer luxury, you should definitely check this raised air mattress out. It has everything. Complete with a no-touch pump and made from some of the most durable materials on the market, this 18 inch air bed will knock your socks off.

Best queen size air mattress

One of the biggest complaints with raised air beds (or any airbed for that matter), is the fact they lose air. Insta have gone one step further with this model by using patented NeverFlat technology.

Best king size air mattress

The main reason I have added this king size air bed as one of my top picks is because the manufacturer has at last produced a raised air mattress that won’t lose its air all the time. As you can see in the review, you also benefit from remote inflation and deflation which works in as little as 2 minutes.

Best high-end air mattress

Best High-End Air Bed
If you’re looking for something a little more permanent in your air bed, this model from Serta is the perfect answer.
In fact, I think it’s one of the only models on the market that actually looks and feels like a real bed.


Best air bed for kids

Best Air Mattress for Kids
Safe and snug, that’s what you will get with this air mattress. No more rolling out of bed in the middle of the night and because it’s a low profile your kids won’t mind climbing into it. It also inflates and deflates in a snap!

Best multifunctional air bed

Best Multifunction Air Bed
Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could make one purchase, and have several air mattresses in one go? Well now you can! Coleman has managed to create an air bed that has 4 functions which is great when you have unexpected guests.

Best air bed for camping

Best Air Mattress for Camping
Need an air mattress for camping? There were a few low-profile air beds competing in this category, but the dual power pump and the solid coil construction of this air bed have won me over.

Best low-profile air mattress

Best Low-Profile Overall
At last, a low profile airbed that will keep your guests comfortable overnight. This mattress will eliminate the need to fight with a pull-out couch, and there will be no sore backs in the morning because of that darn metal bar that bugs you all night long.


Best value raised air bed

Best-Value Raised Queen
Queen airbeds are great for couples who like to snuggle up at nights, and they’re also perfect for those of you that sleep alone but want more space. This model from Wenzel will not disappoint on price, comfort and durability. Oh, and you won’t be sliding around the floor either!

Best budget low-profile air bed

Best-Budget Low-Profile
If you’re on a budget, you don’t have to compromise on quality these days. For those of you who prefer a low profile air mattress, I happen to think this model is one of the best available. The manufacturer has used air as well as memory foam for added comfort. Just make sure you’re sitting down when you view the price!

Best budget raised air bed

Best-Budget Raised
It’s hard to imagine that Intex has managed to bring an air bed to the market that will stand the test of time as well as offer real comfort, but they have! This model is perfect if you’re on a budget but want an airbed that’s around the middle of the range when it comes to size.

Brands of Air Bed You Will Find on Our Website

As you browse through all the information and reviews I have included on my website, you will find some of the latest in technology. Air mattresses have come a long way since they first arrived on the market, and the leaders in this field definitely deserve a mention. Among some of the more well known brands you will find Intex, Coleman and Aerobed.

Of course, I’m all about freedom of choice and it’s not my aim to steer you in the direction of just a few brand names that everyone is likely to know. For that reason I have included a few lesser known brands such as Serta, Wenzel and Aero Sport, and I have listed them in the other brands category.

Information, Tips and Hints

Hopefully having read this far, you will notice that I’m not all about trying to sell you what airbeds I think are best. In fact, I’m more interested in making sure you get the right air mattress for you.
This is why you will also find a number of informational pages which I have added in the hope that any question you have can be cleared up before you go ahead and make that all important purchase.

So if you’re new to air beds and what they can offer, why not take a look at my page on the best levels of inflation. Comfort is the one thing that everyone wants with their air bed, and why wouldn’t you? After all, a good night’s rest will leave you feeling as fresh as a daisy.
Perhaps you’re fed-up with air loss? Then take a look at my page why air mattresses lose air overnight.

And if you’re specifically looking for an air mattress for camping, make sure to check my page on what makes a good outdoor air bed. This will offer you some great information that should help with your final decision.

Best Five Air Beds

I know! You may have immediately scrolled to the bottom of my homepage, and I don’t mind (honest). Choosing the right air bed isn’t easy so below I’ve given you my top 5 picks.

  1. SoundAsleep Dream Series
    Don’t like to be pushed to the middle of the bed? Go for ComfortCoil technology, it ensures a perfectly flat surface both if you’re alone or with someone else.
  2. Insta Raised Queen Bed with Never Flat Pump
    If losing air all the time is your problem, this air bed is the answer! Using NeverFlat technology, re-filling your mattress will be a thing of the past.
  3. Serta EZ Bed
    I chose this as one of my top picks because I love the way it looks and feels like a real bed. In fact, if you suffer aches and pains I highly recommend this air bed.
  4. Aerobed Comfort Anywhere
    This is one of the only air mattresses I’ve found that’s reasonably priced and comes with its own headboard. No more searching around for your pillow in the middle of the night!
  5. Coleman 4-in-1 QuickBed
    What can I say? A twin, double twin, king size or double high twin airbed all in one purchase! Perfect for those times when you have multiple guests!

A Few Final Words

I know that finding the right airbed (whatever you might need it for) is of the utmost importance. Sure, price does play a part but comfort and ease of use does outweigh that to a certain extent. Of course, there are a number of other factors to consider and you WILL find all the information you need in the reviews I’ve put together for you.

I don’t babble and I don’t try the hard sell. All you get is good, honest and straight to the point information even if that might be negative. All that’s left to say is enjoy browsing through my website and whatever your latest trip is going to be – have fun!