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Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed Review

Unexpected Guests – No Guest Room – No Problem!

Not everyone is blessed with a guest room that’s waiting for those unexpected friends or family who land on your doorstep, and I include myself in this bracket. In fact, I’ve had a few times when people have arrived with their overnight bags, and my wife and I have had to rush around getting blankets and pillows only to offer nothing more than the sofa to sleep on, or worse still the floor!

Of course, there are never any complaints, and the sleeping arrangements are always accepted with gratitude. However, I recently decided that it was time to make things a little more comfortable for my guests. I have slept on a few sofas at friends homes in the past, and it’s not easy to get a decent night’s sleep, especially when your feet are hanging over the arms.

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Bed

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress
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The Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress

If you’ve had a look through my website, you will know what I do for a living, so this gives me access to a great number of different airbeds, and this is where I began my search for the best air bed. I wanted something that wasn’t too expensive, but was also easy to inflate (I’m not the most agile of people). After a bit of looking around, I came across the Intex Pillow Rest Raised Air Mattress. This was the answer, and in the following few words, you’re going to find out why:

Easy to Use

Many other models of air bed come with a hand pump (or you have to buy one as an addition) but this one has the pump built into the bed which I still think is a fantastic idea. You simply open up the hatch, take out the plug, pop that into the power supply and within 4 minutes, it’s ready to sleep on.

Incidentally, this air mattress is available as a twin as well as a queen size so it can take even less time to inflate. When it’s time to deflate the bed, that’s just as easy and it can be rolled up and placed in the duffel bag that’s included in the price.


First of all, I’ll let you in on what Intex has done to make sure you sleep like a baby. It’s equipped with 15 gauge vinyl beams along the top and 16 gauge to the sides. The top is flocked which adds comfort and stops bedding from sliding around. It’s also waterproof which helps if kids have little accidents during the night. Incidentally, if you opt for the twin size, you can use pretty much all standard sized fitted sheets. You won’t need a pillow because this has also been built into the mattress, and it’s about 17 inches when fully inflated (higher than most other beds of this sort on the market).

As we all know, not everyone likes a really hard bed, and this is why I still rant about the in-built pump. Because it’s automatic, you can let a little air out for a less firm feel so this helps to accommodate my guests that prefer something a little softer.

As for the comments I’ve received since buying this air bed, there haven’t been any complaints. Well, hardly any. One guest said it just didn’t feel like a real bed but then it wouldn’t really, it’s an airbed! Other than that people have told me it’s far better than having to sleep on the floor or the sofa. I just hope they don’t start making more unexpected visits than they already are.

If you’re interested in finding a solution to you “non-guest room” sleeping arrangements and want to find out more about this air mattress, take a quick look at Amazon. They often have some great deals on price; well they did last time I looked.

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