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SoundAsleep Dream Series Review
Best Air Mattress Overall

Want a Dream or Two? Hello Mr. Sandman!

As you may know, I’m in the business of selling camping equipment and it’s my “dream” job. I also started this website, because I have a keen interest in making sure people get a decent night’s sleep when they’re on vacation or staying with friends.

SoundAsleep Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology

SoundAsleep Dream Series
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So, with that bit of background over with you should also know that just because my website is here I never stop researching the latest in airbed technology. This is why, when I came across the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress, I just HAD to add a review!

If you’re a hard to please customer or a complete skeptic when it comes to this type of sleeping equipment, I think I’m about to change your mind (or so I hope). In fact, this bed now proudly sits on my homepage as the best air mattress overall, and you’re about to find out why!

An Airbed with a Real Mattress Feel

I know some of you reading the sub-heading above are likely to raise your eyebrows in skepticism, especially if this isn’t the first time you’ve been looking to purchase an air mattress. However, I’m not in the business of being dishonest about the information I pass on. That wouldn’t do my reputation any good, and it certainly won’t help you find the right air bed.

So what is it that helps this product feel like a real mattress? Well, the manufacturer uses something called ComfortCoil Technology which happens to be one of the most advanced you can “lay” your hands on. The Queen size, which is what this review is all about, has no less than 40 air coils which are evenly distributed throughout the inside of the mattress.

The CoilsThis helps maintain the shape (which I know is a real concern for a lot of people), but the biggest advantage is that it ensures a completely flat surface. This means that, unlike a lot of air mattresses that have a tendency to push their users to the middle of the bed, the SoundAsleep allows you and your spouse to sleep on your own side of the bed.


If you’re someone who always seems to be accommodating guests at home, often go on camping trips or even like to take your own air bed with you when you stay with friends or relatives, you need to know your chosen airbed will stand the test of time.

Again, I think the SoundAsleep Series is the answer. It has a 15 gauge flocked top which is multi-layered, and get this, it’s puncture resistant so if your cat decides it’s time for a “claws out” morning stretch after a good night’s sleep, you won’t hear any hissing! (well, not from the bed anyway)
Because the top is soft, it means you don’t have to worry about getting sheets to fit (although most standard Queen sized sheets will easily go on this bed), and it’s waterproof.

Sagging, Sagging Where Will It End?!

This is another common problem with airbeds, especially when they’re used often but this one won’t give you that trouble. First of all due to the materials used, it can be used for up to 2 months without this issue “arising”. Secondly, ComfortCoil technology isn’t just there to maintain shape. It also stops those lumps and bumps appearing which is great for those of you who don’t move much when you sleep.

Ease of Use and General Comfort

Ease of use is something I can’t leave out because from experience, I know people don’t want to spend ages setting a bed up. This model comes with an EZ-Pump that’s built-in, which incidentally uses patented technology. I mention this because the pump is said to be 20% quieter than other models like this on the market and it will inflate the bed to its full size in just 4 minutes.

Sticking with ease of use, the last thing you need is to be sliding all over the floor when you’ve finally reached “Mr. Sandman”! For that reason, the manufacturer has included a sure-grip bottom that uses suction so your bed stays exactly where you put it in the first place.

If you’re thinking about buying this air bed so you can use it on your travels, it’s not that difficult to transport as it comes with its own travel bag. Of course, you can also use this bag when you want to store the bed away.


Try as I might (and I did try), there isn’t anything I can say about this air bed that’s in the least bit negative. Not only does it offer a real mattress feel, easy to use inflatable technology and some of the most advanced comfort technology on the market, the price won’t make you fall out of bed either!

If you’re interested in finding out more and how you can save on the $200 list price, pop over to Amazon for a look. It’s not often I really rate a product on my website, but I’m willing to say you won’t be disappointed with price or performance!

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